Chi-q Korean upscale restaurant
項目名稱: CHI-Q
項目面積: 600平方米
空間性質: 韓式餐廳
設計小組: H組
坐落位置: 蘇州
主要建材: 裝飾木條 混凝土
設計時間: 2019年6月


Chi-q Korean restaurant is a high-end business restaurant that manages authentic Korean barbecue. According to Blanc design, high-end does not mean that we are thousands of miles away from people. On the contrary, how to bring local people's friendliness is the entry point of our restaurant design. The designer chooses a kind of abstract temperament, combines many decorative elements that are often seen in traditional Korean families with Chinese Zen culture, and uses charcoal, concrete and wood to create the texture of space and a primitive simplicity.

標簽: 韓式餐廳設計韓式燒烤餐廳設計韓式餐廳設計公司
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