Static view villa homes
項目名稱: 靜·觀墅院
項目面積: 350㎡
空間性質: 豪宅
設計小組: A組
坐落位置: 河南鄭州
主要建材: 橡木鋼刷木皮、咖啡洞石、竹百葉
設計時間: 2014



The mountain view and city far, morning, night light opposition movement fusion, from a philosophical concept. In the case of house design, designers will seem to binary opposition but each other balance of forces in the space, clever shape plastic space a quiet and peaceful atmosphere, life into coated reassurance.
The regional public adaptation axis carry out to a maximum range, according to district function different natural make space in people's cohesion, but in circulation formation to, in space free walk. Through the segmentation of different materials, the cabinet body, combined to produce a variety of different rhythm types, space, volume, virtual and real changes. With the indoor wall and hidden doors closed, have different appearance change on the space charge and sometimes under.

標簽: 鄭州別墅豪宅設計別墅豪宅設計方案鄭州別墅裝修設計公司
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